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Important Tenant Information


Welcome to The Village at Sammamish! This page contains important information for new and current tenants. Please, review all information below along with the information provided by your Property Manager.


Thank you,

TRF Pacific Management Team


Contractor Rules & Regulations


If you are planning any changes to your space, other than painting or installing floor coverings, please notify TRF Pacific, LLC

Plans showing proposed modifications must be submitted to TRF Pacific, LLC for review and approval prior to commencement of any construction or remodeling as per the terms of your lease.

You are responsible for complying with all local Building Department, Fire Department, and Health Department codes.

UPON COMPLETION OF THESE MODIFICATIONS, please forward a copy of any building permits and Certificates of Occupancy you receive to TRF Pacific, LLC

Please download and review the following:

Contractor Rules

Pipe Penetration Flashing Detail

Roof Curb Flashing Detail

TPO Sleeper and Vapor Barrier Detail

Sammamish Medical Pavilion Manual


Tenant Improvement Backgrounds


Tenant Improvement Backgrounds will be found in your dropbox folder link sent out to you by TRF.




The term common area maintenance refers to maintenance of all areas within the exterior boundaries of the shopping center, including parking areas, driveways, open or enclosed malls, sidewalks, roofs, landscaping, and lighting.

TRF Pacific, LLC contracts with various companies to provide this maintenance. Under the terms of the lease, each tenant reimburses the Landlord on a monthly basis for its share of the common area maintenance costs.

If you think our contractors or we have overlooked any maintenance items, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention by calling TRF property management at (206) 985-0100.

Maintenance Requests can also be filed through TRF's online request system at:

For AFTER HOURS MAINTENANCE problems, call TRF Pacific 24 hr. Emergency Service: JORGE ALEJANDRE at (206) 321-0080 or TRF Pacific Answering Service at (206) 985-0100.



You are responsible for power and telephone services. When the Key to the premises has been turned over to you, please contact each utility company and change the account to your name. They will bill you directly. TRF, Pacific, LLC has arranged for common area trash for tenants at the shopping center and will invoice you for your pro rata share.

For your convenience, below are contact numbers to arrange service for the following:

Electricity: Puget Sound Energy - 888-225-5773
Gas: Puget Sound Energy - 888-225-5773
Water: Sammamish Plateau Water - 425-392-6256




Pursuant to your lease, you are to maintain adequate liability insurance for your given space, commencing the day you are given possession of the premises (delivery of the key). Your insurance agent should have provided TRF Pacific, LLC, with your Certificate of Insurance by now, naming Sammamish Village, LLC and TRF Pacific, LLC as additionally named insured. Prior to delivery of the space, you are to verify proof of contract coverage for the additional insured parties.

If this has not been done, please have your insurance agent send us a Certificate of Insurance Immediately as the policy must be in effect when you assume possession of your premises.

Your Certificate of Insurance is to be mailed to:

TRF Pacific, LLC
ATTN: Insurance Coordinator
2620 Second Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

Monthly Sales Reports


Unless your lease specifies otherwise, your gross sales are to be submitted monthly within 30 days from the end of the month in which sales occurred. For instance, your January sales are to be in our office by the end of February and can be included with rent payment on or before March 1.

Your Monthly Sales Reports are to be mailed to:

TRF Pacific, LLC
2620 Second Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121




Please download and review TRF's Emergency Procedure Booklet:

View/Download File Here


Thank you for taking the time review the information provided. For any additional questions or concerns please contact TRF at 206-985-0100.